True Colors Book 3, WILD BLUE

wild blue


They say opposites attract, but Stonecypher and Hamilton collide and the collateral damage has everyone on edge. The boomerang curse of Adam and Alexandra; two rights that make a wrong, returns in WILD BLUE, book three of TRUE COLORS SUSPENSE.
While his CY-OPS team enjoys a well-deserved break, Adam "Cypher" Stonecypher 'relaxes' by helping key employee Mic rescue his high-tech twin from an unauthorized detention at the Redstone Arsenal. Facing a treasonous unknown adversary selling guidance intel, surrounded by innocent (well-armed, and lethally trained) public servants, at least this time Cypher's personal kryptonite, (AKA Alexandra Hamilton), is safely away at camp, far from the dangers of his mission. Communing with Mother Nature, Alexandra's peacefully under the watchful guard of a crew of rambunctious boys and true-blue types like reformed Brett Weston. ...Or so Adam thought.

But Alex's crew explores a happier side of the wild blue yonder, placing her right next door but world's away at the adjacent Huntsville Alabama Space and Rocket center, too close to ops for Adam's comfort. Worse, her stubborn drive to help others puts her under pressure one time too many, inflaming a case of PTSD she's struggled to ignore.
Adam does his best to help from afar, but the siren call to mend the damage Cy-Ops has caused her haunts him just as failure to stay on target risks the stolen data, Thomas' life, and Adam's freedom. Worse, if caught, Adam's known associates will be identified. Alexandra's proximity to Redstone puts her square in the crosshairs of an investigation she knows nothing about, with investigators clueless to the powderkeg of trauma lurking within her...

With help from both Brett and Adam, Alexandra survives her mental battle, but when she ignores Brett's warnings and puts Adam's life before her own interests yet again, all three risk losing everything they value most.

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"K.D., you are my favorite (living) author...

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