Rescue Me (We Have Escaped)

rescue me coverFighting for the Heart of Spencer Book 2

A hurricane's a bad time to learn why people say 'no good deed goes unpunished'. Sergeant Ike Porter's solo rescue of two citizens stranded in raging flood waters should earn him the final gold star toward securing a slot on Georgia's new anti-gang task force. (The elite team is Ike's best chance to win some justice for his murdered wife.) When a car slams into his boat, both Ike and the tin can passing for a rescue vessel sustain damage, leaving him, and the victims he sought to save, high and far from dry.
It could be worse.
He could be Heather Harmon, the CERT emergency response volunteer who sees their plight and tows them to safety. Heather thinks fast on her feet, but has no way of knowing the tool she used to save these flood victims is fresh from a murder.
It isn't often a cop gets rescued by a civilian and Ike is quickly smitten. Not about to let the sins of this brave woman's ex interfere with their future, he doesn't quite know the solution to helping Heather let go.
...Or that rescuing a killer has made her the next unwitting target.
Acquiring a cop boyfriend should come in pretty handy thing under such dire circumstances, but as the bodies pile up and evidence of murder mounts against Heather, close proximity to law enforcement becomes a double-edged sword for them both. Sharpshooters like Ike aren't known for their Cassanova skills, and he soon learns voicing his doubts is a real romance killer.
Hurt by Ike's mistrust, Heather distances herself from his protection, leaving the field wide open for the murderer to strike again. He will frame his heroic victim and walk away clean, all while rubbing every bit of it in Ike's heartbroken face.
Heather and Ike's faith in God is strong enough to sustain them individually, but if they can't show a little faith in each other, history is going to repeat itself. As Heather faces off with a practiced killer alone, Ike may lose his last shot at love,

and this time, he'll know he had the power to save her.

Five Stars (Paperback Verified Purchase)
"Loved the book. I look forward to more of this series, and K.D.'s other series as well."

Five Stars! (Kindle edition)
Great - really recommend

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