Also Killed As (Groans Words Can't Express)

AKA coverFighting for the Heart of Spencer Book 3

Escaping into the life of a private investigator seemed like the best way to put Kylie Dacosta's traumatic past behind her. When Ambassador Olivia Tremblay pleas for help to keep her family's safe from international terrorists, the opportunity'

s catnip to the grieving mother. Kylie understands Olivia's plight like few could and jumps at a chance to find personal redemption. Local police, FBI, the RCMP, and even Interpol stake their law enforcement turf in the effort to keep Tremblay alive, but unbeknownest to them, Kylie's the woman playing diplomat's double, surrounded by forces both good and evil, none of whom are in on her role in this high-stakes game of political suicide.

Shouldering someone else’s dangerous lifestyle is one thing, but when she falls for the ambassador's protector, Kylie finds becoming TWO sides of a high-stakes love triangle quite another! Her true identity already enjoys a fragile but promising connection to soul-searching Constable Jackson Colter, RCMP, and keeping secrets from the one person Kylie can confide in as both herself and as 'the ambassador', is as hard as dodging assassins' bullets in designer heels (...and could prove just as costly as she teeters on the tightwire of professional obligation versus personal desires).

Jackson has sworn duties of his own to honor, but he and Kylie find falling in love & into the crosshairs equally inevitable. Unfortunately, he's more than just a pretty face and something about Kylie doesn't add up. As the Mountie seeks answers to odd goings-on at the consulate, he earns the wrong kind of attention from higher ups. Aware he's risking his career, he has no idea he risks his life with each step closer to the truth. When he finally gets the answers he's hunted, Jackson must decide whether to trust his training or his heart before deception leads to death ..for both of them.

It's a Russian Roulette version of "he said/she said" as Jackson and Kylie argue who the true target is here while their enemies gather around and take aim...
Snuggle in and prepare to stay up late with this faith-infused, clean & wholesome, Book Worth Reading Again, because it's anyone's guess if this new duo can even STAY a twosome, much less sort truth from traitor time.

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